Zero budget natural farming (ZBNF)


Zero budget natural farming (ZBNF) is a method of chemical-free agriculture drawing from traditional Indian practices.

  • It is different from organic farming. *The word Zero Budget refers to zero net cost of production of all crops.

The main aim of ZBNF is eliminate use of chemical pesticides and uses biological pesticides and promote of good agronomic practices.

The ZBNF method also promotes: Soil aeration, Minimal watering, Intercropping, Bunds and topsoil mulching, Discourages intensive irrigation, Deep ploughing.

ZBNF is against vermicomposting, which is the mainstay of typical organic farming, as it introduces the most common composting worm, the European red wiggler (Eiseniafetida) to Indian soils.

These worms absorb toxic metals and poison groundwater and soil.

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